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Wolfsburg Player Malanda Dies In Car Crash - Yahoo News

No other vehicle was involved, Bielefeld police added. "We are deeply shocked and cannot http://graczykhome.blog.fc2.com put our consternation into words," said Wolfsburg sporting director Klaus Allofs in a statement. "We all loved him. "He was a fun-loving person. Above that he was an outstanding player who was at the start of his development. Our thoughts these difficult hours are back link with his family and friends." Wolfsburg, who went into the winter break second in the Bundesliga 11 points behind Bayern Munich, postponed their departure to Cape Town and will decide on Sunday whether to go ahead with the trip. Police said the driver and one other passenger, also both 20-year-old Belgians, were injured. The accident occurred amid strong winds and heavy rain on the North Rhine-Westphalian motorway. "So strange to hear your friend in the morning and then hear this news.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/wolfsburg-player-malanda-dies-car-crash-080235597--sow.html

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