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France Wants To Legalize Terminal Sedation | Fox News

ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Instead, he called Friday for a law that would give people "the right to deep, continuous sedation until death" - at patients' request, and only when their condition is life-threatening in the short term. Doctors are divided about the idea. Hollande did not outline details of his proposal, but so-called terminal or palliative sedation can involve medicating patients until they die naturally of their illnesses, or until they starve. The method doesn't actively kill patients. But some doctors say it can mean patients online are sedated for weeks before they die, united states and that it may be more humane to euthanize. The French proposal does not involve assisted suicide, in which doctors generally prescribe lethal medication that the patient administers. French debate over url end-of-life legislation resurfaced this year over the case of comatose Frenchman Vincent Lambert. His wife wants doctors to stop life support but his parents disagree. The case is pending at the European Court of Human Rights.
More: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2014/12/15/france-wants-to-legalize-terminal-sedation/

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